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Produce Packaging Incorporated

Produce Packaging Inc

Produce Packaging Inc. (PPI) provides customizable Fresh-Cut Produce and Packaging Solutions for Retail, Grocery and Schools.

PPI allows you to customize from order size, packaging requirements, delivery schedule, package branding, and package labeling to produce quantity. You may want a bag instead of a carton or a container with a specific type of lid. No problem. They’ll go so far as to customize blends, including or excluding certain ingredients to best fit your customer needs. 

Specialty Hose Corporation

Specialty Hose Corporation

From a single assembly to large production runs, Specialty Hose is committed to serving their customers in the design, engineering, fabrication, testing and cleaning of custom hose products and accessories.

Their quality systems meet the most stringent requirements of the most demanding customers in the world, including registration to ISO 9001 and AS9100. 

Buckeye Plumbing

Buckeye Plumbing

Buckeye Plumbing is a family owned and operated plumbing company that has served the Akron and Canton communities for the past 40 years.

With New Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction / Remodeling, Buckeye Plumbing has all your needs covered, both Large and small.

EmTech Enterprises


New Webroot Evasion Shield has just been released and is rolling out now to all of our Webroot Customers.  more info               

*NEW* - EmTech is proud to offer the new Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy - the complete SECURE office solution with Email & MS-Office for all your users. Secured and Consolidated right in your EmDomains account.  more info


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